GlassMax Worry-Free Guarantee

We Stand Behind Our Work

Our WorryFree™ nationwide guarantee is the strongest in the industry. Honored at over 2500 repair centers in the continental United States and Canada, it provides security and peace-of-mind anywhere you go. Whether moving or traveling, feel confident that GlassMax will be there to stand behind the repairs to your vehicle. In most cases, you have the added assurance that the repair of your vehicle is also guaranteed by your insurance company when repaired with GlassMax.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Worry-Free Nationwide Guarantee is a sign of our commitment to your total satisfaction. If you are not completely pleased with the repairs performed bring this warranty or your original estimate to the GlassMax Repair Center where the repair was completed. Any claim under this Agreement must be made to GlassMax upon the customer’s notice of any defect. The customer must allow GlassMax to promptly inspect the vehicle in order for this guarantee to be valid.

Worry-Free Terms

GlassMax guarantees all parts, repairs, materials, and workmanship included in the original repair estimate are free of defects, provided such repairs are performed at an authorized GlassMax Repair Center. Our warranty is valid for the lifetime that the vehicle is owned by our customer. GlassMax will repair or replace any defective parts, material or workmanship. This guarantee does not cover damages resulting from another impact, prior repairs, abuse, or environmental conditions. GlassMax disclaims any liability for special, incidental, or consequential damages.

Worry-Free Nationwide Guarantee