Windshield Replacement in PA and NJ

Driving around with a cracked windshield is not only annoying and unappealing, but very dangerous. In these circumstances, windshield replacement is a must. We here at GlassMax will travel to your home or place of business throughout Philadelphia, PA and South Jersey. Our technicians specialize in factory quality windshield replacement so you can rest assured they’ll do it fast and right.

Did you know?

Your windshield is very specialized glass that depends on complete surface integrity of all layers to remain strong. A crack compromises this carefully engineered structure inside the glass. Many people don’t realize the forces applied to a windshield at even moderate speeds. This pressure is more than adequate to cause the windshield to shatter if struck by even a pebble on the highway.

That’s why we do not recommend driving your vehicle until your windshield glass has been successfully replaced by a professional.